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Procedure for the acquisition of monographs charged to project budgets

The acquisition of bibliographic materials for the collection charged to research project budgets may be assigned to two administrative budget categories: 626 y 234.

The library will only process those works acquired which are charged to budget category 626.

The person responsible for a project who wishes to acquire works to be included in the library bibliographic collection may select those they wish to purchase through any of the means available: publishers’ online catalogues, printed catalogues, bibliographies of printed works, web pages, other libraries’ catalogues, books for appraisal, etc.

Once the work has been selected (one or more), he/she will send the library the necessary information for processing:

  • Bibliographic details (all that is available and, particularly, the ISBN will be appreciated)
  • Details of the project (payment identification number)
  • Name of the person responsible for the project, if different from the applicant
  • Latest date for payment of the invoice

The request should be sent to:

  • E-mail:
  • Internal mail: addressed to Marisol Barbado, acquisitions department
  • By hand, at the reception desk for the attention of Marisol Barbado

The library will check if any of the works have already being processed through other requests or a previous selection, if there is any difficulty in their acquisition or if they can be obtained through interlibrary loan. After this search, and providing that it is considered necessary, an e-mail will be sent to the researcher with all the data obtained and the proposal for action.

The researcher will return the data with all necessary clarifications (this item is no longer necessary, I need a different item, I accept a digital reproduction obtained by interlibrary loan, I wish in any case that the item is bought, etc.).

The library will carry out the processing of the purchase. Once the work is received, it will be processed by the library within the following 48 working hours. The person responsible for the management of the collection will inform the applicant when the work is available for consultation and/or loan.

It will be the decision of the researcher to consult the work when it has arrived or at a future date.

The library will send the invoice to the finance department, accompanied by a certificate which guarantees the inclusion of the works in the CSIC collective catalogue.


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