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Consultation of archive collections


The general regulations for the consultation of these documents are the following:

  • The request for consultation of archive documents should be made using the application form and preferably with sufficient time to prepare the documentation.

  • Consultation of the archive collections of the CCHS Archive should be made in the room for special collections of the TNT Library.

  • The consultation of digital copies of documents will be given preference.

  • When consulting original documents of the archive, the user undertakes to comply with the current regulations regarding preservation of the archive collections and the use of the documents consulted.

  • A maximum of 5 preservation units may be requested which will be released one at a time.

  • The personnel will review the condition of conservation of the document before handing it over to the user and may withdraw it from consultation if it is assessed as being unsuitable for this purpose.

  • Only one preservation unit may be consulted at a time.

  • The preservation unit can not be consulted by various users at the same time except for justified reasons, and must be authorized by personnel who will ensure that it is used correctly.
  • The only time a preservation unit can be moved from the desk is for its return.

  • The consultation of documents for which a specific reading or playing device is necessary should be carried out in the areas or rooms provided for this purpose.

  • The handling of documents should respect the basic conservation regulations: maintain exactly the original order, do not write or make notes on the documents, do not make tracings or drawings, do not fold, bend or lean on them, do not take notes on papers placed on them, do not use elements which might affect the integrity of the document.

  • To consult special materials, because of their format, condition of conservation or as a preservation measure, it will be necessary to use gloves and as required, other support materials for the consultation, such as, lecterns, barrier paper, bookmarkers, etc.

  • If the personnel consider it necessary, the documents consulted will only be handled by the person responsible for conservation or in their presence.

  • The user shall return the documents once the consultation has been completed or at closing time to the library personnel who will check the documents in the presence of the user.

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