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Online Advance Booking


This service permits all users of the library to request online through the CIRBIC catalogue (Online Catalogues of the CSIC Libraries Network) the consultation of the collections of the Tomás Navarro Tomás Library which are located in storage.


This is a service addressed at all users of the library, therefore it is compulsory to be in possession of a reader card and/or a temporary pass issued by the Tomás Navarro Tomás Library.

In order to make use of the online advance booking, it is necessary to access the catalogue and introduce the number of your card or temporary pass in the box “access to reader”.

With this service you can request:

  • Collections indicated in the menu on the right hand side and whose name you will find in the catalogue and
  • Journals located on floor –2, only for users with cards 02, 04 or temporary pass

Works displayed in open access must be consulted directly by the user and are excluded from this service.

How to use the service

You must access the catalogue and identify yourself with your library card number and password (the same number for both until you change it), begin the search and locate the work you are interested in.

If it is a monograph and belongs to one of the collections mentioned, you may request it by clicking on the button reservation.

If it is a journal located in the Journal Library on floor –2 and you are an external user (04 and temporary pass), it may be requested by clicking on the button photocopy.

All requests will be received at the main desk on floor 0 of the library and the library assistants will prepare the documents for consultation.

To find out how the reading room service works, please see our webpage .

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