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Legado Hans Goedicke


El legado Hans Goedike (HG) consists of 5,067 documents including monographs, serials (35), reprints and journals (49) belonging to the personal library of the Viennese Egyptologist HG, acquired by CSIC in 2011. It also includes a small collection of working notes, postcards, photographs and correspondence.


Special collections reading room (bibliographic collection).

Archive collection in the ACCHS.

Presentation in the catalogue

Colección: Legados

Signatura: Hans Goedicke = HG/no. and HGREV/no. Collection. (collection since 2008)

Consultation conditions

The documents belonging to the HG Legacy can be consulted in the Special collections reading room of the library where there is a librarian who can be consulted in case of any doubt.

  • Consultation of the bibliographic collection is by self-service.

    Biblographic documents of this collection can not be requested through the advance e-booking service.

  • For the archive collection, the documents must be requested at the library desk or through the advance e-booking service.

  • The reproduction of documents must be in accordance with the law and current regulations of the Reprographics service a>of the library, providing that the preservation state and format allows it. In no case can the documents leave the library premises.

  • The documents in this section are not available for personal loan.

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