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FAQs. Frequently asked questions about Copying service

1 . Is it possible to reproduce documents in the library?

Yes, for private study or research it is possible to reproduce documents from the library and archive, as long as it is within the limits of the current legislation. Copying of documents is by self-service:

  • Documents previous to 1901 and from the archive may only be reproduced using a camera without flash.
  • Documents after 1901 can be copied or scanned using the machines available in the areas of the library where the collection can be consulted in free access, except when due to the size or condition of preservation of the works it is recommended not to do so.

For more information, see our website.

2 . How do the photocopy machines work?

They are enabled for self-service use. A card has to be purchased (4€) which permits making up to 50 paper copies and allows scanning of documents free of charge.

The card vending machine is located in the Reprographics Room, situated on the ground floor, beside the main desk. It only takes coins and the exact amount must be inserted.

3 . Can cameras, mobile phones, tablets, etc., be used to digitalize documents from the library or archive?

Yes, when users request temporary access or a CSIC library network card, they gain the right, as well as the obligation, to use the reproductions of the documents they are copying or scanning for their private study or research. These devices can be only used without flash.

4 . Can I print documents from my pen-drive?

The use of pen-drives is not permitted on library computers.

5 . Can I request the complete or partial reproduction of a document?

For more information, see our website.

6 . Is it possible to request a copy of an electronic document?

Each request will be assessed separately. The e-resources acquired under license have established conditions of use for each one.

7 . Is it possible to request the reproduction of a document for public use: publication, exhibitions, web pages, etc.?

Yes, you must send the form requesting document reproductions indicating the purpose.

The reproduction of a document is authorized for one use and for only one publication. Users undertake to accurately cite the source of the work reproduced.

For more information, see our website.

8 . Can I make public use of a copy made with the self-service machines?

No, you must always request authorization for using reproductions of our documents. To do so, you have to fill in the following form and state the use that you will make of the copy.

9 . Does the library have a microfilm reader?

Yes, there is a reader-reproducer available which works both with microfiches and microfilms. It allows digital viewing and reproduction. The user must request use of the machine at the Services main desk.

It is possible to book the machine in advance for a particular day and date. Users who have a reservation will have preference over others. The booking can be made at the Services main desk or via e-mail.










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