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ResearchGate mass file removal

Fecha: 2017-10-09

Several publishers and scientific associations (American Chemical Society, Brill, Elsevier, Wiley and Wolters Kluwer) intend to request ResearchGate to withdraw articles hosted on this platform for breach of its copyright rules. The estimated number of articles to be withdrawn from ResearchGate is about 7 million, approximately 40% of the articles collected on the social platform.

The academic and research environment should know that, except for a few exceptions, the editorial permission policies for the open access autofile exclude this type of platform (ResearchGate, since they are commercial competitors.

This situation is accompanied by the clarifications that are being made by funding agencies with open access mandates that compliance with their policies should be done by depositing them in repositories, not in academic exchange sites.

DIGITAL.CSIC offers CSIC researchers the possibility of constructing their scientific profile in the institutional repository. The library offers to help build the profile of whoever wants it. All the necessary information to do it is related in the following document: PerfilDigitalCSIC.pdf

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