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The 2nd International Forum on The Spanish Language in LIBER 2017

Fecha: 2017-09-20

Thus from 4 to 6 October the International Book Fair, now established as the major international gathering for books in Spanish, will become the perfect place to launch this second edition of the Forum, whose priority is to promote the Spanish language as an active generator of business.

This forum is about dynamising and internationalising the various productive sectors that operate around Spanish - the world's second most spoken language.

The 2nd International Forum on the Spanish Language is designed to be a melting pot for participants in the cultural industry surrounding Spanish. This forum will revolve around a full programme of technical days and commercial meetings to facilitate contacts between private and public operators.

The programme will commence on 4 October with sessions under the heading "Language Tourism". These will be centred on the internationalism and positioning of Spanish in the world through the development of language tourism. They will include professional contributions from the major institutions, universities and businesses in the sector.

On 5 October the theme for the day will be "Linguistic technologies for all" dedicated to the dissemination, backing and promotion of linguistic technologies and to transferring their innovative value to all the economic areas in which competitiveness depends on Spanish language technologies, content and services.

Finally, 6 October will be the day for "Content for ongoing thought " which will include the session `Wikinovela´ organised by the Spanish Language Platform. This session will focus on the presentation of the content and results from the Collaborative Miguel de Cervantes Wikinovela , and on analysis of the contribution of digital technology to literary creation.

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