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Ancient Greek room


This section includes all the documents brought together for the development of the Greek-Spanish Dictionary Project.

Structure of the section

The section is organized according to the order created by the department in charge of the development of the Greek-Spanish Dictionary, which is the following:

  • Texts
  • Epigraphy
  • Papyrology
  • Linguistic
  • Reference works

Presentation in the catalogue

  • Collection: Sala de Griego Antiguo
  • Signature: : It conserves the topography established by the Greek department:

    • 1. Greek texts.(Floor 1)

    • On the map (yellow colour).

    • Signature: A-Z (alphabetical order of the authors in Latin).

    • Editions, translations and commentaries of ancient Greek authors

    • 2. Greek epigraphy.(Floor 1)

    • On the map (green colour).

    • Signature: A-Z (alphabetical acronym).

    • Signature: 628. . Manuals, monographs, etc.

    • Greek inscriptions (local, thematic corpora, etc.)

    • 3. Greek papyrology.(Floor 1)

    • On the map (blue colour).

    • Signature: A-Z (alphabetical order of acronym).

    • Signature: 110-111.Manuals, monographs, dictionaries, etc.

    • Greek papyri collections(local or thematic corpora, corpora from museums, etc.).

    • 4. Greek linguistics.(Floor 1)

    • On the map (orange colour).

    • Signature: 623-624.

    • Greek linguistics manuals and monographs (phonetics, morphology, sintax, lexicology, dialectology, etc.).

    • 5. Reference works.

    • On the map (pink colour).

      • Signature: 100. Bibliographies of Greek authors

      • Signature: 120. Encyclopaedic lexicons

      • Signature: 140. Modern language dictionaries

      • Signature: 150-155. Ancient Greek dictionary

      • Signature: 616-618, 626-627. Indexes, lexicons and concordances of Greek authors

      • The spine-label is yellow.

    Consultation conditions

    • E-requests by e-booking in advance
    • Consultation in the reading room
    • Self-service loan option only for readers category 05 of the library who are CCHS staff.


    • Floor 1, module B, office 7-8, outside the library premises. Access to this area is through the general building. There is no access through the library.
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