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Description of the library card for internal users 05


The CSIC Libraries Network establishes a library card with status 05 for staff researchers. The Tomás Navarro Tomás Library assigns this card to CCHS scientific staff personnel with indefinite affiliation to the institution.

The objective is to make the library available on a continuous basis with documents renewable annually.


Applications should be made online through the web form.

A passport size photograph should be presented, which may be a hardcopy or digital copy.

In the case of theft or loss of the card, the user should request a new copy through the web form.

Characteristics of the card

  • It is free.

  • It allows the researcher to be a user of the CSIC Libraries Network.

  • It allows the following services to be used: consultations in the reading room, online advance booking service, personal loan, inter-library loan, auto-loan and auto-return of free access items from the collection; information and reference service, copying and scanning service, access to the Virtual Library, the PAPI service and SAD.

  • The loan service permits you to have a maximum of 50 items for a loan validity period of one year (ending every 15 June).

  • If any of the books loaned is requested by another researcher, the library will request its return for a short period to permit its consultation and it will be returned on completion of the time agreed.

  • Each year, during the months of May and June, the library will carry out an annual inventory of all items on loan.

  • The period of validity of the card is indefinite.

  • Cancellation will occur with the cessation of the service. In this case the reader is obliged to return all documents that they have on loan and if they wish to be a user of the library they must apply for an external user 04 card.

Regarding the general restrictions of the loan service, the Tomás Navarro Tomás Library will lend readers of the library with card status 05 works from the following sections of the BTNT, with the agreement that they shall not be removed from the CCHS:

  • 19th Century Section of monographs from the 19th century

  • OVE Section of works of special value and difficult to replace

  • CAR Section of maps and atlases

  • MED Section of multimedia

  • COL Section of factitious collections

  • LEG Section of legacies (except the Hans Goëdicke legacy)
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