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The history of the Centre for Human and Social Sciences is linked to the creation of the Board for Advanced Studies and Scientific Research (JAE) in 1907 and the Centre for Historical Studies in 1910. The activity of these institutions that shaped the history of science in Spain is reflected in the records of the archive of the centre. Later, in 1939, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) was created by law and the JAE’s responsibilities and premises were transferred to this institution. In this period there was intense scientific activity and changes took place in the internal structure of the Council, its centres and institutes, which is shown in the classification table of this archive.

In September 2002 the documental collections from the Institute of History and former trusts began to be compiled. In the following two years those belonging to the institutions Benito Arias Montano, Diego Velázquez of the History of Art, Rodrigo Caro of Archaeology, the Marcelino Menéndez Pelayo Centre, the Spanish Institute of Prehistory and the Centre of Humanities were brought together. In this process 1,465 boxes of documents from up to the end of 2006 were compiled. In addition, the Photographic Archive of the Department of the History of Art has been working on the description and digitalization of its collections since the middle of the nineties.

Fotografía del Archivo CCHS

In 2007 the relocation of the institutes that today form the Centre of Human and Social Sciences began: History, Philology, Spanish Language, Economics and Geography, Philosophy, Information Science and the Comparative Politics and Policy Unit. In CCHS the “Archives and Documentation Unit” was created with the objective of bringing together archival material from all these centres. As a result, the archive materials and collections coming from different departments and institutes were grouped together.

In 2010 the archive was formally constituted becoming integrated in the Tomás Navarro Tomás Library. In this final phase, now as the Archive Department, charge was taken of the archival collections that the library managed. At the present time over 7,000 preservation units are looked after by the library which include texts, audio and iconographic material.

Fotografía del Archivo CCHS

These archive collections are of great interest for research in the humanistic and social fields. In addition, they give a scientific overview of contemporary Spanish history, especially those from important researchers, such as, Manuel Gómez-Moreno, Claudio Sánchez Albornoz, Diego Angulo and Aranguren among others. Also worthy of mention are the documents from projects of great importance which were organized by the institution: the Linguistic Atlases led by Menéndez Pidal and Navarro Tomás; the Phonetic Laboratory founded by the latter; the Ancient Art Archive, directed by Ricardo Orueta; the Rock Art Archive of Almagro Basch; etc.

This archive compiles the memory of the institution from its beginnings, going through the many vicissitudes resulting from the turbulent history of this country that have marked its nature and have filled its past with many peculiarities. As a result, these archive materials have become a rich source of study not only for the field of humanities and social sciences, but also for the history of the institution and science.

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